The Top 5 YouTube MP3 Downloader Android Apps Every User Should Try 2022

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The Top 5 YouTube MP3 Downloader Android Apps Every User Should Try 2022

If you are looking for a reliable YouTube MP3 downloader Android app, then you have certainly come to the right place. Since YouTube hosts so many music videos and songs, a lot of people would like to download them on their phones as an MP3. Now, you can easily do the same with a working YouTube MP3 downloader for Android. Here, I will list 5 different options, letting you pick the best YouTube MP3 downloader for Android easily.

Part 1. Top 5 YouTube Downloader MP3 Android APK

1. Snappea for Android

Snappea for Android is a 100% free YouTube MP3 APK for Android that would surely meet your requirements. You can use it to browse YouTube on its native interface or directly enter a video’s YouTube URL to download it as MP4 or MP3. (Also try Snappea YouTube MP3 downloader for iPhone)

Snappea for Android


  • Without leaving Snappea’s interface, you can browse YouTube, and look for any video of your choice.
  • You can also download YouTube videos as MP3 on this Android app by entering its URL from YouTube.
  • Apart from YouTube, Snappea for Android supports 100+ different platforms as well.
  • After loading the video, this YouTube MP3 downloader for Android app free tool will let you save it as an MP3 or MP4 file (in different sizes).
  • Using Snappea for Android won’t cost a thing and it will not need root access on your phone as well.

2. iTubeGO

If you only have limited requirements, then you can also try this YouTube MP3 downloader Android free solution. You can load a YouTube video and save it in MP3 or MP4 format. The app will not need log-in access and can even download large files (like movies and series) as well.

3. KeepVid

As the name suggests, this YouTube MP3 APK Android solution is used to save videos on our device. Apart from YouTube, you can also download videos from other sources on KeepVid. Once the video is loaded, it will let you select a preferred format to save it.

4. YTMP3 Downloader

This is a dedicated YouTube MP3 downloader app for Android that only supports YouTube (and no other platform). The app is pretty lightweight, easy to use, and won’t cost anything. You can access YouTube on its native interface and easily find the videos of your choice.

5. YouTube Go

Lastly, you can also take the assistance of this YouTube MP3 downloader Android app for free to meet your requirements. Although it only supports YouTube, the overall interface is pretty neat and it is available for free. Since it is not on the Play Store, you need to install this YouTube MP3 APK on your Android from third-party sources.

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Part 2. How to Use the Best YouTube MP3 Downloader for Android

From all the available options, Snappea has to be the best YouTube MP3 downloader for Android devices. To use Snappea for Android, you can simply follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Install Snappea YouTube MP3 downloader Android App

If you don’t have Snappea for Android installed, then you can just head to its website on your browser and download its YouTube MP3 APK on Android.
To make sure that you can install Snappea for Android from its website, just go to your phone’s Settings > Security. From here, you can turn on the app installation permission from unknown sources.

background music download

Step 2: Search for any YouTube video

YouTube MP3 downloader Android app

Once you have Snappea YouTube MP3 downloader app for Android installed, you can launch it, and look for any video. You can enter relevant keywords on the search bar, browse YouTube, or directly paste the URL of any video.

Step 3: Download YouTube video as MP3

YouTube MP3 downloader Android app

After finding the video of your choice, tap on its thumbnail, and load it on its media player. In the end, tap on the download icon from the bottom and select MP3 as the desired format to save the file on your device.
Now when you know how easy it is to use Snappea YouTube MP3 downloader Android app for free, you can save as many songs as you want on your phone.

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