Apple iPhone 14 Review Expected Release Date, Features, and Price in Nigeria

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Apple iPhone 14 Review Expected Release Date, Features, and Price in Nigeria

Just as the year is gradually moving, the Apple iPhone 14 rumours are picking up with the biggest changes expected to come up this year. The Apple iPhone 14 is expected to arrive in September as a follow up to last year’s iPhone 13 series.

However, while we’re one month away, some tech experts and leakers have already started revealing possible features, specs, and release date.

As such, we’re extra sceptical about the specs as plenty of changes might take place. But most rumours are pointing to an overhaul of the entire iPhone 14 design, significant camera upgrade, and the Mini expected to be sacrificed in favour of a new iPhone 14 Max debut.

There’s no doubt the Apple iPhone 14 is one of the most anticipated phones of 2022. Below is everything we’ve heard about the iPhone 24, what we’d love to see from the new series, and the potential release date of the phone.

Apple iPhone 14: Expected Release Date

The long awaited wait is here as the Apple iPhone 14 will be officially launched in September 2022 with its release few weeks later.

Occasionally, Apple will officially announce the launch of its latest iPhone models, but that wasn’t the same in 2020 with the iPhone 12 range landing in October due to covid-19.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 was unveiled on September 24 at a special launch event, but that probably won’t be the exact date for this year’s iPhone 14 series. However, it’s rumoured that Apple has already begun the iPhone 14 trial production which is an important step in the phone manufacturing process.

Apple iPhone 14: Price in Nigeria

The iPhone 14 prices are expected to start at ₦457,000 ($799) for the base iPhone 14 model, so with that, the iPhone 14 Max will be going for $100 more than that.

For that, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max could cost ₦629,000 ($1,099) and ₦687,000 ($1,199) respectively. That’s a $100 increase more than the starting prices of their predecessors.

The significant leap in launch price could further drop the Apple iPhone sales just like last year. However, you should take this with a pinch of salt as this is not the official prices, but are quite close to that.

iPhone 14 Camera

The Apple iPhone 14 camera rumours are getting pretty interesting. An analyst with a great track record for Apple information – Ming-Chi Kuo tips a 48MP sensor for the two Pro models, up from the 12MP camera on the iPhone 13. This would be capable of recording 8k video, and it’s something Apple fans have always wanted.

Plus another analyst has given a little more credence to what Kuo said tipping both iPhone 14 Pros to come with a 48MP camera alongside a telephoto lens and ultra-wide angle sensor.

There are also rumours of a periscope-style zoom camera that might debut in iPhone 14 or the Pro models. However, Kuo said the periscope camera is further out and will probably land on the iPhone 15 next year.

Specs and Features

One certain thing is the debut of a new Bionic A16 chipset on the Apple iPhone 14. The new chip will offer a significant boost in both processor and graphics performance of the phone.

Also, there could be a 4nm chip from TSMC which offers a notable boost and is more efficient than the 5nm A15 Bionic slated for the iPhone 13. However, it’s reported that the 5nm chip could be used once again for the third time as TSMC is having a problem producing smaller chips.

It’s also possible that the Apple iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will feature an upgraded 8GB of RAM. This is a massive boost from the highest RAM amount (6GB) we’ve seen on an iPhone so far. That being said, boosting the onboard RAM could see the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max become an absolute powerhouse.

On the storage front, the iPhone 13 has a maximum storage of 1TB and it’s rumoured the iPhone 14 Pro phones could double that all the way to 2TB. However, given that no Samsung phone offers up to such amount despite the company being generous with storage, we’re sceptical of Apple making the first move.

Beyond that, Apple might switch from a physical SIM card to an eSIM (unremovable). While the iPhone 13 already has this alongside a physical one, Apple is ready to go with eSIM-only on every iPhone 14. The new move will appeal most to users who need dual SIM capabilities, especially overseas travellers.

What the Apple iPhone 14 range is sure to include is a 5G chip support that’ll result in lower power consumption while maintaining a beast performance. A recent report from Taiwan revealed that TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) has already ordered Apple’s 5G chips for the new iPhone 14 range.

The chip being smaller in size could pave way for Apple to pack in a larger battery inside which will in return improve the smartphone’s overall battery life.

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Touch ID and Software

One of the most anticipated features of the iPhone 14 is the return of Touch ID. Unlike being embedded into the power button or home button in former iPhones, it’ll certainly be integrated under the iPhone 14’s display just like many flagship Android phones.

Meanwhile, a separate leak says that the iPhone 14 won’t be coming with an in-display Touch ID, but rather a side-mounted own. However, LeaksApplePro says that some sources have told him the Touch ID will be missing on the iPhone 14 that the fingerprint plans have been dropped entirely by Apple.

If Apple is to stick with the usual software pattern it has been using for over a decade now, then the iPhone 14 will launch with a new OS. Since last year’s iPhone 13 is iOS 15, the next version is certainly going to be iOS 16, unless there’s a change in numbers like in macOS.

However, there’s no news currently on Apple’s likely new update, but we’ll be expecting some insights about the iOS 16 at the company’s annual developer conference.

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Apple iPhone 14: Battery and USB-C

When it comes to battery, there’s likely going to be massive improvements there, with a confirmed source saying there’s room for a larger battery in the iPhone 14.

A shocking report is suggesting that Apple might drop the Lightning port and go for USB-C connectivity instead. Many leak experts have expressed doubt on the USB-C rumour which makes it a probability issue.

However, given the fact that European Union is looking for a standardised charging port and cables by the year 2024 and Apple has a big European presence, the American company might likely make the move.

Nevertheless, the USB-C will be highly welcomed given that Apple’s iPads and MacBooks have already adopted the port.

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