Kospet Prime S Smartwatch Price, Specs and Best Deals

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Kospet Prime S Smartwatch Price, Specs and Best Deals

According to Correctbase.com Kospet Prime S Smartwatch is a wearable android smartwatch with 1.6-inch circular design screen, and replaceable silicone wrist band. It has impressive health features including Heart rate monitor,  sleep tracker, and Blood oxygen Monitor. Kospet Prime S is also the first smartwatch with dual chip, dual-mode, and dual cameras, hence, the great performance leap.

Kospet Prime S Key Features and Specs

  • 1.6” full touch display
  • Dual chip
  • Dual cameras: Front 5MP and Side 8MP
  • Android 9.1 OS: support all Google applications
  • Compatible with iOS 9.0 / Android 5.1 and above system
  • Dual-mode: Android mode and Special sports mode with pro data collection chip
  • 1GB RAM + 16GB ROM
  • 9 sports modes
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Blood oxygen monitor
  • Sleep tracker
  • Face ID unlocking
  • SIM card support
  • Bluetooth V4.1
  • 1050 mAh polymer Battery

Other Features

This smartwatch comes with a built-in speaker that supports fantastic sound quality when plays music. You can also connect your Bluetooth earphones to enjoy surround sound quality.
Kospet Prime S is the world’s first smartwatch with face recognition technology. The employed algorithm extracts 1068 facial features, unlocking your smartwatch just on a hand lift. Hence, it becomes easy and convenient to safeguards your privacy.

This watch is compatible with android OS and iOS, hence, you can use the watch to control your phone to take photos, play music, transfer files (Android phones only), locate your phone, etc.

Kospet Prime S Smartwatch Price, Specs and Best Deals

Kospet Prime S Price and Availability

The Kospet Prime S smartwatch price starts at $31.99 which is equivalent 12,000 Naira.

Kospet Prime S Specs

Here are a few specs of the Kospet Prime S:

General Features

  • Platform: From Android 5 or IOS 8
  • Dimension: 58*54*16.7mm
  • Watch Strap: Black, Blue
  • Weight: 69.5g
  • Water Resistant: Yes, IP67

Display & Camera

  • Display: 1.6-inch IPS Touch Screen
  • Resolution: 400 x 400 Pixel


  • Bluetooth: Yes, Bluetooth 4.1
  • NFC: –

Sensors & Health Features

  • Blood Oxygen monitor
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sleep monitor

Fitness Features

  • 9 sport modes: badminton, basketball, running, Table Tennis, Cycling, baseball, rope skipping, Ping-pong, walking.

Additional Features

  • Face Unlock
  • Dual camera
  • Sound Speaker
  • Voice calling


  • Battery: 1050 mAh polymer battery
  • Battery Life: 4 days of Normal usage
  • Wireless charging Port: Yes

Health Benefit

The Kospet Prime S has a G-sensor which are the core of modern fitness technology. It is a motion sensor that measures the linear acceleration of your body.

Furthermore, this smartwatch is also equipped with an optical sensor to monitor your heart rate. It calculate your heart beats per minute. The sensor uses light to check the speed of blood flow on the wrist. When the heart beats, blood moves quickly inside the artery thus less light is reflected back to the sensor and is detected as a heart beat. This watch will timely detect your heart rate to provide you with all-day protection.

Kospet Prime S smartwatch also a blood oxygen monitor which helps measure the blood oxygen saturation levels in real-time. It has the wrist-based Pulse Ox sensor for monitoring blood oxygen saturation levels, which can help gauge how your body is absorbing oxygen.

It can rapidly detect even small changes in how efficiently oxygen is being carried to the extremities furthest from the heart.

This feature is useful during sleep monitoring or when you’re at high altitudes. It will also alert you to potential issues such as sleep apnea or other breathing conditions.

Sports Modes

This Kospet smartwatch has a dual mode which allows you to switch between android mode and sport mode. When in sport mode, this watch offers access to 9 professional sports modes, including daily fitness and professional exercises. The mode includes outdoor walk, running, cycling, rope skipping, basketball, ping-pong, Badminton, Table tennis, and climbing.


Kospet Prime S is the first smartwatch with dual chip,  it is equipped with SC9832E + nRF52832 / PAR2822 chip, a 64-bit quad-core CPU for effective performance.

The SC9832E quad core processor helps process hardware drivers, data operation, multimedia and third-party application while the NRF52832 low power consumption Bluetooth chip is responsible for Bluetooth connection and sport data acquisition.

It also support up to 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM. This top-of-the-line configuration ensures that this smartwatch performs exceptionally well under all conditions of use.

In addition, this watch comes with a dual 4G global frequency band which support Nano SIM card that allows you to make and answer phone calls via VoLTE. It also support GPS/GLONASS for easy navigation.

Kospet Prime S also run on the Android 9.1 operating system, hence, it supports all Google applications, including built-in Google Play Store, Google Map, Google Voice and other Google applications.

It also uses the new UI interface which allows for more personalized interactions to bring you an unprecedented visual experience.

Kospet Prime S Smartwatch Price, Specs and Best Deals


Kospet Prime S comes with a large 1050mAh battery which can withstand 4-days battery life with light use and up to 25-days of standby time. It also support wireless charging using the magnetic charger located at the back of the device.

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