Best Face Changer Webcam Software for OBS in 2022

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Best Face Changer Webcam Software for OBS in 2022

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Software is a video recording software that allows one to record what’s happening on their screen and as well allow them to stream it online. Most times when you go to Facebook or YouTube, you’d see gamers who play battle royale games like PUBG and co.

They play and stream using OBS, and OBS is one of the best game streaming apps or software you will find online. But when they stream, some always like to show their face, and while some show’s their face but in a funny way. That only happens due to the face changer webcam software they’re using alongside OBS.

In this article on, I’ll be listing the best face changer webcam software programs for OBS. These software programs will change your facial appearance in the webcam section into a cat or any funny image you can think of.

List of the Best Face Changer Webcam Software Programs for OBS

1. CamMask

face changer webcam

CanMask is free and also a paid webcam face changing software for windows users and Mac users. This software has a lot of feature’s that’ll allow you to create free video doodles and can also allow you to change backgrounds, change voice and also add texts or stickers while on record.

You can use CamMask to change your webcam face and create some funny looks, then you can save the recorded video and import it to your OBS software and use it while making a stream.

2. FaceRig

face changer webcam

FaceRig is another face changer webcam software you can use in meetings or a game stream, this software has a wide range of features and you can use it without any stress attached to it, FaceRig has a lot of funny characters in it and you can record your self in these funny characters and you can use it on OBS, Google Meet and other places you’re having a live cam.

FaceRig is available to be downloaded for free, and if you want the advanced version, you can choose from one of its six types of premium licenses.

3. AlterCam


AlterCam is one of the best in terms of features, and it’s also one of the best due to its flexibility, with this face changing software you can change your face by adding cool funny effects and filters to it, you can also hide your face when recording with this software. You can add a logo instead or just leave it blank.

This is a face changer software you can use on OBS while streaming a game or when you stream anything using OBS. AlterCam can be used to broadcast pre-recorded videos and also add special effects to videos.

4. YouCam


You must have seen YouCam anytime you install a Cyberlink software on your PC, you can do a lot with YouCam and it has features that’ll let you add headdress, funny face, filters and effect, voice changing and so on. You can use YouCam alongside different video calling software and apps.

You can use it with youtube streaming, twitch and many more. YouCam is one of the best face changer webcam software out there.


So far I’ve listed the best four, or I’ll say the only ones I know of and while there are many out there, I couldn’t think of a better selection than the ones here. These software programs will help you change your face during an online video session.

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